"Indefatigable, indomitable, invincible" (Thomas Thyssen)

Roundabout 3 years after original frontman Zulu left REPTYLE the East Westphalian Goth Rockers relaunched with new members Kai Roarside on vocals and Gerwin Spalink on Drums to open a new chapter in the 21-year history.

They turned away from the more „rocking“ sound of the latest album „Night and the river“ (2014) to go back to the musical roots from the beginng where Trad-Goth, Punk and Wave had been the main influences for the band. The latest releases „Apolysis“ and „Hibernation“ with Henning Hammoor (ALPHAMAY) and Jörg Kleudgen (THE HOUSE OF USHER) on guest-vocals demonstrate this musical change. Inspired by the pioneers of the genre somewhere between THE CHAMELEONS and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM the latter already appeared on numerous playlists and also in guitar-based Gothic Clubs. Currently REPTYLE are in the studio working on the new album which is due to be  released in the end of 2020.

The first performance of the currenct line-up still including the founder members Keule and Slash on guitars as well as long time bass player Dead is on July 30th in Bochum (Zeche) supporting the legendary FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM.

 More gigs soon to be announced…



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