After three wonderful releases by themselves, Germany's Reptyle finally got a deal. The object went to Sonorium, who now may release the band's best effort so far. On their label debut, Reptyle behave as usual and celebrate goth rock that some people may locate in UK. The opening „The Light (Martyr Song Part 1)“ is in a class by itself and combines all the beautiful ingredients supporters of good, old goth rock adore. Dominant lead guitars, dark vocals, straight drums and bass lines, surrounded by atmospheric keyboard sounds - this is definitely a hit! The other songs are in no way inferior to the mentioned. For example, the hypnotic „In Hell“, the very dark „The Scourge (Martyr Song Part 2)“, the catchy „Green Land“, that sees singer Zulu working his way to Heroes Del Silencio sounds, or the calm and intensive title track. Although Reptyle are inspired by 80's UK goth, each composition has its own character that gives the band a personal taste. Actually, if someone in a band is called Slash, the band, of course, has to be awesome!

Dom (Virus-Mag)