1. Marian´s Joy "Last Kiss in Heaven"
2. The Rorschach Garden"Far away from Paradise"
3. Tactical Sekt "Cold Victim"
4. Assemblage 23 "Drive"
5. NamNamBulu "Memories"
6. Flatline "Virus"
7. Nebula-H "Twilight Zone"
8. Mindware "On Earth"
9. The Fair Sex "The Now and here"
10. Zentriert ins Antlitz"Genozid"
11. Interlace "Stone Mirror"
12. Object "Rapid Decline"
13. Noise Process "Betrayed"
14. Xotox "Eisenkiller"
15. Stainless 4571 "Assault"

1. The Razor Skyline "Corporation"
2. Audra "Midnight Moon Swing"
3. Reptyle "Descent to Heaven"
4. Paralysed Age "Into the Ice"
5. The Ghost of Lemora "Dread the Day"
6. The Cascades "Red Stars"
7. The Awakening "The Dark Romantics"
8. Scary Bitches "Lesbian Vampyres from outer Space"
9. Avaritia "Pleasure + Pain"
10. Judith "Play of Light"
11. Cold "Summernight"
12. The Last Dance "She´s dancing"
13. Pronoian Made "World Bizarre"
14. New Days Delay "Tiny Monsters + Furry Little Creatures"
15. Bloody Dead and Sexy "Sick Six Minutes"
16. Spear of Destiny "Never take me alive"
Compiled by Dirk Neveling
Released by COP International